We reward the 5 biggest buyers of the week.

Top buyers of the week ranking (week 9/2023)
Please note that to be eligible for this ranking, you must hold the tokens at least 12 hours after your purchase. (see FAQ)

* The leaderboard is updated every 24 hours. (last updated : 03/19, 3:32pm UTC)

Ranking BSC Address Purchase Amount (in $) Reward Proof
1 0x98985888fe37c37ff45c1fc461f175529bcbc824 $504.07 0.025 BNB
2 0x02adf044dbae15983d6d7e4b3024d38be55c77ca $374.39 0.02 BNB
3 0x807b349561b2da75fa12a989a0587490750efde1 $116.66 0.015 BNB
4 0x9875fcc24ba32e3119885a4b2c848abeec46b097 $115.13 0.012 BNB
5 0x2c51435b927138d39c4c6fb8588c6f365d8a3d3d $110.07 0.01 BNB

Frequently Asked Questions
The Top Buyers' section of CACTUS is a section that rewards the 5 biggest buyers of the week.
To be eligible for the ranking, nothing could be easier.

You just have to buy more (in $) than the 5th biggest buyer (at least) and to hold your CACTUS at least 12 hours after your purchase.
The ranking starts every Monday at 00:01 UTC and ends every Sunday at 23:59 UTC.

We remind you that the ranking is updated at most every 24 hours, so if you don't see your purchase right away it's normal.

All the rewards of the previous week will be distributed every Monday at 10:00am UTC.
No, our system automatically lists the top 5 buyers of the week in the ranking.

There is no need to provide proof or contact us for this.
The rewards are distributed in BNB.
Yes, the rewards are sent automatically to the wallets of the 5 winners every Monday at 10:00am UTC.